Sunday, October 31, 2010

7 Questions to ask your Make-up Artist!

Whether for a wedding or any special event, the make-up artist (MUA) plays an integral role for the host or guest of honor. As the saying goes, IMAGE IS EVERYTHING! Here are a few questions that you should ask before retaining services of a MUA.

1. What is their background and how many events have they done?

2. What is the total cost and what does it include?

3. Is a trial run included? And if so, what happens during this time?

4. Where will the services be rendered (salon or your residence)?

5. How long will the services take?

6. Does the MUA have a replacement or back-up if they are unable to perform the services in case of an emergency?

7. Will they be available during the event for any touch-up needs? If so, will this be an additional fee?

Do not be afraid to ask these questions, as most professionals will be more than willing to discusses their packages. Remember, this is your event and your special time to shine. You want to make sure that YOU and your event are memorable!

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