Friday, December 19, 2008

A Mouthwatering Favor!!!

I am totally in love with whimsical and unique things. These Wedding Sampler Chocolate Candles (yes candles) are just that type of thing. These candles look and smell good enough to eat, but they are only for decor'. Please check them out along with other favors at

Happy Holidays!!!

Happy Holidays,
From our family to yours...
May peace, prosperity, and happiness be yours throughout the holidays and new year!
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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Romantic Weekends

Many businesses are suffering through these difficult economic times, and the event planning business is no different. Parties are quickly being eliminated from personal and corporate budgets. So the one thing that many people ask me is how do I sustain my business at times like this. Some planner teach classes the art of event planning, but I do not feel as though I am experienced enough to do such a thing. I am still learning by trial and error in many aspects, lol. I find that I work best at being creative with my services. Event planning does not always have to consist of LARGE events, there are a lot of small events screaming for help.
Romantic weekends are just the thing. There are so many couples that want to plan that special night or weekend for their significant other and just do not know what to do. That is where I come in. I have created mutlitple packages for couples that range from an one night dinner date to an all out weekend getaway. What is different is that I not only arrange for the entertainment, transportation, meal, and hotel accomodcations- but I also decorate the rooms, supply snacks, romantic games or conversation pieces... The best part is that the client does not have to do anything but show up and little costs is associated with this.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Event Expo!!!

We are currently planning for an event expo. This will provide local vendors with the opportunity to showcase their work, obtain new clientele, as well as network. We will showcase all types of events, i.e. weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, etc. This will occur in April 2009. More information will be posted in the next couple of weeks. Vendors who are interested in participating can email us at

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sweat Equity

The first thing that most people say when I tell them what I do is "That's sounds like a lot of fun!" Although I enjoy being an event planner, there is a lot of hard work that comes along with the process.
What most people do not see is the weeks and sometimes months leading up to an event. There is a lot of planning, researching, and sometimes tears that precede the day of activities. A lot of times, the day is the most labor-intensive.
My last event involved me and two of my assistants literally installing a 50x50 canopy tent ourselves in over 90 degree weather. It took us over an hour to get the tent up, leaving us with less than 30 minutes before our guests arrived. Just enough time to do a quick wardrobe change! To say that I was sweating, is an understatement- I was literally pouring as partially evident in the picture above, lol.
I encourage anyone that enjoys planning to take it on as a career, whether it be full-time or part-time. But please do not take for granted all of the time you will have to put into it. I learned through trial and error, then I finally sought assistance from industry professionals who still continue to mentor me in my quest to become a premier event planner.
I enjoy seeing the fruits of my labor- the finished product or event! I don't even mind enduring sweat and tears for my clients. After all, they are what keep me planning and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Girl Interrupted!!!

OK! I keep saying that I am not going to take on any more events until after December 13th, but for some reason I continue to be deranged! I just finished completing the Casino Party so my focus should only be on school right now- but not!!! That does not seem like enough to keep me busy at this time.

I realize that I can be a little neurotic at times. I really think that I function best when I have too many things on my plate. I currently have an event that is scheduled for April 2009. Believe it or not, the planning is almost complete. Well I have been recently contacted about doing wedding coordinating the day of for a couple in November ( I said "yes") and a Halloween party for a Navy command (I said "yes" again). No, I do not have a problem saying no to people, but I do have a problem passing up the opportunity to do something that I love!

My family and school are keeping me on my toes enough. Trust, I should be studying for an exam instead of writing this right now. But that aspect of my life can seem so mundane at times. I think that I get a thrill at seeing how far I can push myself physically, mentally, and creatively. Crazy??? yes!!!

I have made a vow (that I will keep) that I will decline any new events that are scheduled prior to December 15th! It will be hard, but I will keep my invisible straight jacket on!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Casino Party- Happy Birthday DJ!!!

This weekend we celebrated the birthday of Robert "DJ" Brown. It was a surprise birthday party with an Outdoor Casino theme. Everything went well in spite of the 96 degree weather and annoying mosquitos. Spraying barely helped and I have the battle marks to prove it, lol!

Although we had the Roulette, BlackJack, and Poker tables on hand, it seems that the game of choice for the night was Dominoes. I didn't mind as long as the guest of honor and his guests enjoyed themselves.

Please take a moment to visit the website to view more pictures from the event.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Great Networker!

Most people ask me what is the most important aspect of the event planning business. I always reply "It is the same as with any business- Networking!"

It is true that most of my business comes from referrals, but those referrals are in large part due to business relationships that I have formed over the years. Word of mouth is truly indeed the best form of advertisement and nothing helps more when that "advertiser" has a lasting relationship with you! Businesses feel comfortable working with other businesses that they have developed working relationships with. They know that it is mutually rewarding and beneficial to the livelihood of the company.

I personally find that it is easier to work with those that I have worked with in the past. You know how they operate, what to expect of their service, and you often develop a "program" of how the services are executed together. This is not to say that you only use the same vendor for every event and business deal. I have multiple vendors within a specific category (i.e. caterers, florist, publishers) because not all are a perfect match for every event.

Networking for me is really about helping others. You are not only helping other businesses, but also helping clients by introducing them to people and/or ideas that they may have not been exposed to. It is really biblical. If you bless others, you will in turn be blessed!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Quite Busy...

Please forgive me if I do not blog as often as I probably should. Currently I am planning 2 events , while attending school full-time. I graduate in December, so needless to say it is very hectic for me right now. No personal life (which I guess is good considering other things that are going on in my life, lol). I will try to keep you guys updated on the happenings of the event planning world in between planning, meetings, my kids' activities, traveling, and school. Just please be patient. After December 13th (Graduation Day), I will be back on track.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Here Comes the Bridezilla...

This time of year can be pure torture for some event/wedding planners- Wedding Season! Although weddings can be the most cherished events that a planner can create, it can also cause the most headaches if you are dealing with a Bridezilla.

What is a Bridezilla, you say? A Bridezilla is a bride who is very difficult and obnoxious to deal with. She makes the joys of planning unbearable and often leaves the planner questioning if he/she wants to plan any weddings in the future.

Unfortunately, I have had my share of Bridezillas to come my way. They are very coy at first. They appear to be so full of bliss and oh so eager to have to create the wedding of their dreams. But this will soon change. As soon as the planning starts, the Jekyll & Hyde syndrome begins, lol.

Now don't get me wrong, I do understand that planning a wedding can be one the of the most stressful times for a prospective bride but that does not excuse her from being rude and demeaning. Etiquette should always apply. I had one bride that felt the need to instruct all of the vendors on what their jobs consisted of, including the minister. It is proper to advise the vendors of your expectations, but a person oversteps their boundaries when they tell the professionals how to do their jobs and further provide them detailed instructions as to what they are supposed to do, say, and/or move. In regards to the minister, I believe that Divinity school taught him what verbiage to use when performing a wedding, lol.

I can provide many more detailed examples of Bridezillas, but I will save them for future posts as it is very comical. Let's just end this post with a friendly note to all you future brides...please be kind to those that are involved and/or helping you with your wedding as you may find yourself in the position that one of my brides did- all alone with no one there to plan, attend, or worst marry!

Friday, August 15, 2008

My Best Friend's Event...

Believe it or not, the #1 role of an event planner is that of "best friend." We really have to form bonds with our clients so that we can truly get to know their wants and needs, but also to assure them that we have their best interest at heart.

I will not lie, at the beginning of my event planning career it took me a while to get past the formal "client/professional" relationship. I felt that it was improper to form any bonds with the client past the handshaking, contract, and delivery of services. Now don't get me wrong, I was very personable with my clients, but I held back a lot of myself in fear that my client would not approve. What I found out through trial and error is that the client appreciates that personal bond- actually need it!
A best friend is a person that you trust, can count on, knows has your best interest at heart. These are all qualities that an event planner must have. The client should have confidence that you are going to be honest with them regarding their ideas, budgets, choices i.e. They also want to know that you are accessible and reliable. I tell my clients to never worry about asking too many questions or emailing/calling too much regarding their event. I want them to know that I truly do care about how their event will turns out.
It's really funny, because I rarely refer to my clients as "clients" but rather as my "friends." It is something that just developed over time. Once I learned how to let down my guard, I began to develop natural rapports and friendships with all of my clients that extended past the event date. This is a very good thing, because I have really been enriched by some of these people as well as had many new doors opened for me professionally.
So for anyone who is looking to become an event planner, just keep in mind that the initial role is that of a "friend", not "planner" - it may be the difference between the success or failure of your business.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A "View-tiful" Mind

Even as I lie in the bed sick, my thoughts refuse to rest!!! Ever since I can remember, I have always had very vivid and colorful dreams. Sometimes I could make sense out of them and at other times I would be left confused and dazed. I hate to admit it, but this is how my mind operates most of the time!

My mind is one that is rarely at rest. Most of the time, I am thinking of at least 3 things at once. Even when I am holding a conversation with someone, I am usually thinking about what needs to be done later or conceptualizing my next event. Believe it or not, I focus better this way ( a true multi-tasker at heart)!

I usually come up with ideas for events that have not even materialized as of yet. What do I do with them? Well, I draw them out further in my conscious mind and them sketch them out for future use. My mother will be glad to know that I haven't completely abandoned my artistic abilities, lol. Some of the visions are actually used for events that I plan, while others are still waiting for the right venue.

Well, I am going to try to get some more rest (physical and mental). Future posts will contain photos of some of my creations- mental and real (lol). As for now, back to the view...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Why spend $$$ on an event planner???

When I tell people my line of work, I often get one of two responses- "Oh ok, I may need you for an event" or "Wouldn't I spend more money if I hired a planner?" Well of course I wish that all of the responses could be the latter- but reality is it's not. Well I am going to address this main concern for all the doubters and naysayers.

Here are my Top 3 Reasons For Hiring An Event Planner:

1. It Saves You $$$
Many people do not realize that an event planner can actually save you money. We are trained to look for the best bargain. It not only saves you money, but helps us to stay competitive. Now, I personally do not believe that a person should sacrifice style for price. Cheap is sometimes still cheap no matter how you look at it (lol). But due to the networking aspect of my profession, I am more apt to negotiate and find the best deals for my clients.

2. It Saves You Time
Let's face it, there are only 24 hours in a day! Most people do not have enough time to handle their work and home lives with ease; nontheless, plan an event for themselves. Planning an event can be a very time-consuming task. Finding venues, caterers, and decorations while staying within a specified budget takes not only time but mere patience. An event planner has both time and patience, as we thrive on the art of coordination! I do not know too many people that have time to visit multiple locations, telephone various vendors, and shop for the best bargains in addition to their everyday life. An event planner has this time, as we are working for the client. Our goal is to make the client feel like a guest at their own event (and we all know that guests do not do any of the work, they just show up!).

3. It Adds Creativity To Your Event!
This is not to say that the client is not creative, as I have had many clients who have shared ideas with me that have just blown me away! But because this is such a competitive market, our job is to always stay abreast of new trends within the industry and offer ideas that are new and different from what has already been done. When I plan an event for a client, I do not want their guests leaving out saying "They had the same (element) as so and so did at their party." I want the client and the guests to be awed by the originality and creativity of this event- making it memorable!

There are so many more reasons that I can give for why a person should consider hiring an event planner, but I will save them for future blogs. As time will have it, I have to get back to working on some of my current projects.

Peace and love...

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Welcome to my new blog!

I am very excited about sharing my ideas and experience within the event planning business with you all. This site will offer you a taste of what I experience on a daily basis within this industry- and believe me it's more than you could possibly imagine!
I will share some tricks of the trade, answer questions regarding the industry, as well as share some of my projects.
So please feel free to visit often and leave comments. I look forward to sharing my mind with you all!