Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Here Comes the Bridezilla...

This time of year can be pure torture for some event/wedding planners- Wedding Season! Although weddings can be the most cherished events that a planner can create, it can also cause the most headaches if you are dealing with a Bridezilla.

What is a Bridezilla, you say? A Bridezilla is a bride who is very difficult and obnoxious to deal with. She makes the joys of planning unbearable and often leaves the planner questioning if he/she wants to plan any weddings in the future.

Unfortunately, I have had my share of Bridezillas to come my way. They are very coy at first. They appear to be so full of bliss and oh so eager to have to create the wedding of their dreams. But this will soon change. As soon as the planning starts, the Jekyll & Hyde syndrome begins, lol.

Now don't get me wrong, I do understand that planning a wedding can be one the of the most stressful times for a prospective bride but that does not excuse her from being rude and demeaning. Etiquette should always apply. I had one bride that felt the need to instruct all of the vendors on what their jobs consisted of, including the minister. It is proper to advise the vendors of your expectations, but a person oversteps their boundaries when they tell the professionals how to do their jobs and further provide them detailed instructions as to what they are supposed to do, say, and/or move. In regards to the minister, I believe that Divinity school taught him what verbiage to use when performing a wedding, lol.

I can provide many more detailed examples of Bridezillas, but I will save them for future posts as it is very comical. Let's just end this post with a friendly note to all you future brides...please be kind to those that are involved and/or helping you with your wedding as you may find yourself in the position that one of my brides did- all alone with no one there to plan, attend, or worst marry!

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