Monday, August 11, 2008

Why spend $$$ on an event planner???

When I tell people my line of work, I often get one of two responses- "Oh ok, I may need you for an event" or "Wouldn't I spend more money if I hired a planner?" Well of course I wish that all of the responses could be the latter- but reality is it's not. Well I am going to address this main concern for all the doubters and naysayers.

Here are my Top 3 Reasons For Hiring An Event Planner:

1. It Saves You $$$
Many people do not realize that an event planner can actually save you money. We are trained to look for the best bargain. It not only saves you money, but helps us to stay competitive. Now, I personally do not believe that a person should sacrifice style for price. Cheap is sometimes still cheap no matter how you look at it (lol). But due to the networking aspect of my profession, I am more apt to negotiate and find the best deals for my clients.

2. It Saves You Time
Let's face it, there are only 24 hours in a day! Most people do not have enough time to handle their work and home lives with ease; nontheless, plan an event for themselves. Planning an event can be a very time-consuming task. Finding venues, caterers, and decorations while staying within a specified budget takes not only time but mere patience. An event planner has both time and patience, as we thrive on the art of coordination! I do not know too many people that have time to visit multiple locations, telephone various vendors, and shop for the best bargains in addition to their everyday life. An event planner has this time, as we are working for the client. Our goal is to make the client feel like a guest at their own event (and we all know that guests do not do any of the work, they just show up!).

3. It Adds Creativity To Your Event!
This is not to say that the client is not creative, as I have had many clients who have shared ideas with me that have just blown me away! But because this is such a competitive market, our job is to always stay abreast of new trends within the industry and offer ideas that are new and different from what has already been done. When I plan an event for a client, I do not want their guests leaving out saying "They had the same (element) as so and so did at their party." I want the client and the guests to be awed by the originality and creativity of this event- making it memorable!

There are so many more reasons that I can give for why a person should consider hiring an event planner, but I will save them for future blogs. As time will have it, I have to get back to working on some of my current projects.

Peace and love...

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