Monday, September 29, 2008

Girl Interrupted!!!

OK! I keep saying that I am not going to take on any more events until after December 13th, but for some reason I continue to be deranged! I just finished completing the Casino Party so my focus should only be on school right now- but not!!! That does not seem like enough to keep me busy at this time.

I realize that I can be a little neurotic at times. I really think that I function best when I have too many things on my plate. I currently have an event that is scheduled for April 2009. Believe it or not, the planning is almost complete. Well I have been recently contacted about doing wedding coordinating the day of for a couple in November ( I said "yes") and a Halloween party for a Navy command (I said "yes" again). No, I do not have a problem saying no to people, but I do have a problem passing up the opportunity to do something that I love!

My family and school are keeping me on my toes enough. Trust, I should be studying for an exam instead of writing this right now. But that aspect of my life can seem so mundane at times. I think that I get a thrill at seeing how far I can push myself physically, mentally, and creatively. Crazy??? yes!!!

I have made a vow (that I will keep) that I will decline any new events that are scheduled prior to December 15th! It will be hard, but I will keep my invisible straight jacket on!!!

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