Sunday, January 31, 2010

Going GaGa for Baby! (The Co-ed Edition)

One of my favorite events to design is a baby shower. Nothing is more precious than the welcoming of a new addition to the family. Most people think of baby showers in the traditional terms of the mother-to-be surrounded my her girlfriends and female family members, but the dynamics of this event has changed. Many couples are opting for co-ed baby showers where the fathers-to-be can also bask in the celebration!

So, I know that you are probably thinking of how you can make a baby shower a little more masculine. It's not about making the shower masculine as the event IS all about the baby, but you do want to make sure that there are activities that all of the guests will equally enjoy. There are many co-ed baby shower games such as Don't Drop the Baby, Diaper the Baby, and Musical Bottle Race. There are many more co-ed games that can be played and sure will bring out the competitive spirit of the male guests.

Creating a theme for the co-ed baby shower is fun and pretty easy. A simple baby them always works, or you can incorporate a sports theme, or interest or hobby of both the parents.

The easiest element to the co-ed baby shower will be the food. No matter what the gender, food is the best part of any party. Food is the key to the soul and it will definitely bring all together. So stick with the tired and true rule of creating a cuisine that you love.

The most important thing to remember regarding a co-ed baby shower is that it is essentially a party for ALL. So have fun, enjoy you guests, and make it memorable!

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