Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wanna make a difference?

This year I have promised that I was going to invest more time into helping others. It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day shenanigans called "life," but we all so often forget about the things that should be important. I usually keep record of my family's volunteer efforts during a year, and it was alarming to me that I did not surpass 2008's record. In fact, we didn't even volunteer half the amount of time that we did the year before. I could easily try to use the excuse that I had a lot more events this past year, so I didn't really have the time- but that would be a fail. In fact, in 2008 not only did I work full-time, ran by business, but also was a full-time student! So, NO EXCUSES!!! My passion has always been to work with you. I previously spent a lot of time working with the youth ministry at my church as well as aiding the pediatric AIDS foundation. This year, my focus remains with the youth, but is more focused on teens. Although I will continue my efforts for pedicatric AIDS programs, I am placing equal effort into programs that develop youth programs. In my area, as well as other metropolitan locales, there no longer youth programs. Programs such as the Girls & Boys Club of America are closing due to lack of funding and this leaves the youth with nothing to do and nowhere to go. My grandmother always said, "an idle mind and person can lead to trouble." I am not here to sway you to any my causes, I just want you find out what your passion is and how you feel that you may be able to make a difference! It's easy for us to blame the government for what's wrong, but what are we doing to try to help make some things right??? This a thought for the new year.

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