Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cravings for Cocktail Parties!!!

As an event planner, I love to produce events for my clients and their friends. The larger the event, the more I can push my creativity. But, I also love to entertain for my own family and friends. I like events that have more of an intimate feel such as cocktail parties. Cocktail parties provide a host with a convenient way to entertain a variety of guests in a relaxed environment. One of my favorite parts about hosting this type of party is the diversity of foods that you can present to your guests. You are not necessarily tied down to one cuisine unless that is what you want. But who am I kidding, the best part about a cocktail party is the COCKTAILS!!! There are your traditional cocktails such as Cosmopolitans, Martinis, and Whiskey Sours (my favorite is the Singapore Sling), but you can choose which spirits to be served. There are a few things to remember when hosting a cocktail party: 1.have plenty of ice, 2. have various glass types, 3. hire a bartender, 4. have wine on reserve, 5.have coffee available for guests who may need assistance at the end of the evening, and most importantly HAVE FUN!!!

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