Saturday, August 7, 2010

St. Mary's Academy Reunion!

This past weekend marked the first annual St. Mary's Academy reunion. St. Mary's Academy was the first predominately African-American Catholic school in Norfolk, VA. It's doors were opened from 1965-2002.

This was a very special event for as not only was on the planning committee, but I also attended the academy for my primary school education. It felt so good to see the former students and teachers! The highlight of my weekend, was seeing the nuns who helped to shape me into the woman that I am now. Although the nuns were caucasian, they stressed black pride to us students and made sure that we knew black history 12 months out of the year. It was a part of our everyday curriculum.

I really wish that some day St. Mary's Academy could reopen their doors, so that this generation could experience the education, history, and love that we had provided to us. But until then, we will continue to cherish the jewel of a school with reunions and socials.

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