Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Traci!!!

Yesterday we had the sincere honor and pleasure to orchestrate a surprise birthday party for Traci Selden. Her sister, who lives in Atlanta, wanted to do something very special for her that she would never suspect- and that she didn't! Traci was under the impression that she was going out of town for her birthday, but not without making a quick stop to a friend's engagement party. Traci was genuinely surprised to see her family and friends gathered, especially her two sisters who live in Atlanta and New York. This made the ruse of believing that she was leaving for a birthday getaway all the more bearable.

The color scheme for the party was chocolate and teal with accents of white. We incorporated a lot of candles and photos. I love using photos as a decor element and usually limit them to one or two per table. But, Traci's mother had so many pictures that she wanted us to use. It worked out very well! I believe that the multitude of photos added character to intimate table setting.

Please make sure that you check out more pictures from this event on our website by clicking the link here.

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