Sunday, April 4, 2010

Couture Pops- Fashionable Favors!

I am always looking for ways to incorporate simple items into table decor or favor use. While watching television the other night, I came across a commercial for Couture Pops by Sugar Factory. These lollipops are mounted on rhinestoned handles for that "Take Notice" effect. With an initial price tag of $22, there are numerous handle colors and designs to choose from. I know what you are thinking, that is way too much for a lollipop? Well, I agree but I would only use it for special occasions that are intimate in nature. The one sellng point that the company has, is that the handle is resuseable. You may purchase replacement lollipop heads for the handle at a price of $12 for a set of 3. Take a look at the site, they may be used for bridal showers or Girls' Night Out events!


Brittany Allen said...

I love this idea!! Especially with the handle being reusable...I would definitely use these for decor!!! Nice find!!


Unknown said...

This is great!

I actually started ordering these to place my Fabipops in for my launch party in NYC next week.

Don't know what Fabipops are? Check us out at

They look amazing!