Monday, February 1, 2010

Coo Coo for Signature Cocktails!

Part of the fun of planning events for me is the customization process. One the most fun things to customize is cocktails. A signature cocktail can add an extra flair to any event. Most signature drinks will coincide with the color scheme of the event. The color scheme for an August wedding that I am planning is purple and silver. The signature drink will naturally have a purple hue. Some examples of possible cocktail choices for the wedding include Lavender Cosmopolitan, Lavender Martini, or Lavender Wine. All of these drinks appear lavender in color or have lavender accents in the cocktail such as with the wine which uses lavender corollas to float on top of white wine. But do not think that signature cocktails are only limited to alcoholic beverages. You can also incorporate non-alcoholic signature drinks for your event. Such drinks as Lavender Lemonade and Lavender Punch are options that my bride may be interested in as well. But wait, let's not just focus on the color scheme of the drinks! You can also customize the names of the cocktails. Your signature drink can be named after the place that the couple first met, the couple's names, or after the theme of the party. So, if you want to add a special touch to your next event, consider placing your own personal stamp on it with a signature drink!

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Kustom Kreations by Elisha Akram said...

loving the purple lemonade idea... Im planning a Purple Babyshower and this signature drink will be perfect!