Monday, June 29, 2009

Vegetarian Food Options For Events!

There are many people who are opting to live the vegetarian lifestyle- meat is no longer the food staple of choice. Some planners are finding that the vegetarian client and/or guest may present a challenge when creating the cuisine menu for events. There is really no need to fret over this. There are so many vegetarian options to choose from. Simple choices such as Veggie lasagna and Portobello mushroom burgers served with curried lentils are easy and affordable. While a more refined menu option may be eggplant scallopine or wild mushroom ragout in wine can will always satisfy the vegetarian palate! Vegetarian catering companies, such as Two Brothers Catering in New Jersey, specialize in creating vegetarian entrees and desserts. These catering companies are becoming common in metropolitan areas and are increasingly on the rise is smaller locales as well. So don't every fret about having to accommodate to vegetarian clients, as the options are endless and it really will cut down on the catering budget.

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