Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Memories Are In the Music!

I have planned many events and the one thing that always arouses conversation is the topic of what type of music to be played. Music has always played a large role in my life. My uncle is a musician, my cousin is a musician/songwriter, and I spent my early college years as an intern in the music industry. Mostly all of my memories have a song associated with them. I think that a lot of people can pinpoint a period of their lives by a song, so why not a memorable event in their lives???

Although I plan a lot of events, I am not a traditionalist. I believe that a person should set their own course which includes doing their events on their own terms. When you think of wedding music, most people automatically think of Trumpet Voluntary, The Wedding March, or Canon in D. Yes, these are beautiful songs but they do not always reflect the personality of the couple. When I got married, my wedding music was all jazz-based instrumentals. The songs themselves reflected by personality and expressed exactly how I was feeling at that time.

I am currently working with some clients on their upcoming nuptials. The groom wants his bride-to-be to walk in on "Heaven Can Wait" by Michael Jackson. Although the bride loved the selection, she was worried about what her parents and guests would think about this choice. I had to remind her that the wedding is her and her fiance's special day, no one else's. This is a special moment in their lives that should reflect how they feel about one another, plus this song is a major thumbs up from me (smile). Sure enough, she began to see our point of view and decided to use her sweetheart's suggestion. Now, she is creating the soundtrack for the reception as well. I encourage this!!!

Creating musical soundtracks are not only useful for weddings and receptions, but for almost any event that you are having. So do not limit your self to traditional ideas. Although they are a part of tradition because they are good, they may not always suit what you envision for your day! Remember that the memories are in the music!!!

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