Sunday, January 11, 2009

Networking, networking, networking!

Okay, so my one New Year's resolution is to get out of my comfort zone and grow my business and what better way to do that than to network! I know that I have posted about networking before, but I can not stress the importance of it to small businesses such as mine (or any business for that matter). Word of mouth is the strongest advertiser there is!!!

I am currently planning the Spring Event Expo for this upcoming May, and in doing so I have met some very inspirational business owners. I consider myself to be a people person, but kind of reserved at the same time. I love to observe people before opening up (so why do i blog???). Anyway, I am learning so much from the people that I am coming into contact with, most do not even work within the evItalicent planning industry. This is very exciting to me, as I love to learn about anything, but when it is beneficial to my personal and professional growth it sends me to the stars. While networking with another business owner, I was introduced to a business social networking site. Like most people, I have a Myspace, Facebook, and LinkedIn page but I do not really log on and have found minor benefits to these sites for business- they're great for reconnecting and meeting interesting new people on a personal level. Well, this associate of mines introduced me to Ecademy. It is a social networking site for businesses. The interface is much more user friendly than LinkedIn and it allows other users to rate your business "good." My 1st day as a user on the site yielded 46 contact requests from other business owners across the WORLD. Now I must admit that some of the businesses are unique, but I am not one to knock anyone's "hustle." So if any of you fellow business owners want a new way to network and expand your contact, give this Ecadamy a try!

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